August 31, 2016


You can be Spiritual and not Religious.  You can be Religious and not Spiritual.  And you can be both Spiritual and Religious.  Much violence has been done in the name of Religion.  True Religion points to God or Truth or Reality-It is not violent.

True religion is about Love, and in Reality is the only True Religion. People are unhappy. You must notice that.  Everybody is searching for Happiness.  But the search itself causes stress, discomfort and more unhappiness; it distracts you from the fact that you are unhappy. You search for something that you think that you must have to be Happy and maybe you actually find or get it. But how long does that satisfaction last before you are again searching for something else to try and satisfy that emptiness that you feel?  If you did not find it, you then complain and feel sorry for yourself that Life or God or somebody is keeping you from being Happy.  Denial and more addictions set in to to keep you even more numb.  The vicious cycle only continues.

You can only Be Happy. You can’t become Happy.

Every Religion after the death of the founding Realized Master/Yogi/Saint got bureaucratized and fell apart when the Spiritual Master did not have a devotee Realized enough to truly keep the Master’s Teaching and Realization going enough to truly pass it on to enough others to keep the Truth of it going.  True Religion is not merely about belief, as Faith is what you do to change your life.  True believers tend to be fanatics and not Spiritual Realizers who actual transform others, often from a mere glance.  The actual teachings of Jesus bare very little resemblance to present day Protestant and Catholic practices.  What better place for evil to hide but in the churches?

We are not our body, nor our emotions, nor our mind or patterns or beliefs but only Consciousness It Self.  What we call the ego or functional self is the body-mind and its patterns tend to direct people’s lives.  Your feelings or beliefs have nothing to do with Truth.

People say they want to change but can’t change.  The reality is that people refuse to grow up and actually go through the ordeal of changing.  Without discipline, you can’t be a disciple of a Spiritual Master or God or Saint.  Without truly losing face and true surrender to the Divine, without true devotion to the Spiritual Master or the Divine, you can’t be a devotee of God.  “Everybody want to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die” (unto themselves as the Christians or Jesus would say).

Everybody is an addict from small to large.  Addictions are about running from Reality and wanting to be numb by overeating, drugging, boozing, fantasizing, over working, or over exercising or what ever.  Addictions are not really in the brain and some magic, mainstream, or cult technique or addictions center is going to fix them without the addict being impulsed to grow up and be willing to go through the purification process for real.  How many addicts come out of jail or a rehab center and commit suicide or go back to their alcohol or drug of choice like we read about in the newspaper over and over again?  Rehab basically does not work.  It does not get to the root of the problem-the addictive personality-the self-contraction-the ego itself. People must want to turn to the Divine for real with the real impulse, not merely a belief to change.  Yes, community is necessary for support, like AA groups talk about.  But merely stopping one addiction and switching to others is not being free.  All the ads on TV are constantly advertising a magic pill to fix everything!

Spirituality is about transcending our reactivity…

We change our destiny by doing things differently, better, with less reactivity, with Love.
Believing differently or changing your beliefs will not change your destiny.
You are always doing what you want to do, always.  You must change your Impulse, your life purpose.  Paramahansa Yogananda once said “that you must want Freedom, liberation, Spiritual realization as much as the drowning man wants his next breath.”
Wanting to change is not enough.  You must be committed to do what ever it takes to change, a real commitment to change, not saying I am going to try, won’t work.  Successful people don’t know the words try or can’t.
As Adi Da has said:”You can’t get there from here.”  You, as the ego, can’t get to Realization from any point of view, any point of view based on the ego.  You have to go beyond any point of view.
The ancient walk-about-way was that if you wanted Freedom, or Realization, go find the most Realized Master alive and follow Him or Her.  Become their disciple.  Do everything that they say or suggest.  When you want to become a master carpenter, you intern, train with a master carpenter, that is if they will take you on, if you have the impulse/inclination to really be a good carpenter and are willing to learn-be disciplined and really learn the trade.
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