Feel everything.  React to nothing.  Always act from the Heart.

God is not within us.  We are in God/Truth/Love/Reality.

Truth is not relative or a point of view.

Truth is all points of view or no point of view.

The world can not be perfected.  The world is a class room to learn (to) Love absolutely or else without Love, it is a hell.

No natural act or activity is wrong in itself but only the intention can be unloving or inappropriate.

Tribalism must end for Mankind to survive and Mature.

“Cooperation + Tolerance=Peace”: Adi Da Samraj

There is no separate self that has to be saved.  God can’t be found, only Realized.

Each “person” or functional being must “wake up” to the Truth of the Divine or Reality Itself.

What is called an Ego is only a patterning or an activity, an acting out a part in a play on the stage of Life  Ordinary life is a Mummery, an unconscious activity of reactivity and learned patterns. Humans are unconscious or really being subhumans who don’t even realize that they are on stage, always distracting themselves, always suffering from their seeking fun, or success or consoling themselves seeking Happiness.  Desires, as the Buddha said, lead to seeking and seeking causes suffering.  To live without seeking, only “being”, while functioning, loving in every moment, while working, resting, eating or playing, does not create Karma, sin or stress.

We change our destiny by “doing” things differently, not merely by believing differently about Life or Truth or God.